Doomed to wear a light bulb screwed onto the middle of my face, I used to sit in school and squeeze my nose into the little ski slope admired from across the room.
You gave me your nose, eyes like Popeye, the cartoon character, and even your strangely set teeth – pre dentures.
Oh, how I wished to inherit the attributes of the beauty I saw in the classroom.
I remember you, the Brownie leader and how I was embarrassed to be in your troupe. You had us out exploring nature and making sun pictures when I thought we should be making s’mores.
I remember when you took swimming lessons and went on to teach babies how to swim.
I remember all the crafty things you used to do and how obsessed you were with each new way to make fake flowers and the countless hours devoted to church workshops teaching the ladies something useful and creative that gave them an opportunity to visit and think about something other than their aging aching bodies.
I still have bags of beads and wire tucked away in a closet.I remember the extra pot of stew that went to the neighbors house and I wondered why they would want our meager fare.
Sometimes when the lessons are subtle or our eyes are closed we don’t seem to get it, but we do grow up making that extra dish to take to a less fortunate neighbor or joining a crafting class because mom taught us how to crochet and now we can teach someone else.
Thank you for your gifts. You taught me the worth of another human by being compassionate with those you met . It’s not the food or the lessons. You taught me tolerance love and understanding.
You taught me to seek answers, to explore and discover the beauty and mystery in life.
Thank you for the gifts of wonder in the universe and the ability to share love.


My Mother passed away in 2007 and I wrote this for her a few years later on Mother’s Day. Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers everywhere. May you have Compassion, Understanding and Love for All the children. – Sandy

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