feel my heart…say hello to your heart
me to you
you to me
a circle of eternity.
feel me…feel you
The universe twinkles electrified delights.


Hello again.
Where have you been?

Exploring the universe,
Peering under stars, around planets
and beyond galaxies in search of forever.

Have you seen it?

It can’t be lost.
I know I left it in a safe palace.

In a touch
Touch me … touch you
And forever explodes a symphony
Of senses.




Hugged by the wind
rocked by the sea
Caressed by the sunlight
And playing with our cousins, the fishes.

It is truly the Garden of Eden …or …

We are enjoying the riches of heaven … or …

Are we being tested again?

Will we live among gods creatures or,
Will we destroy and conquer like the barbarians
We have always been?



When I was young
Love waited
And Living dangled promises of excitement, challenge and joy.

Now I am old.
Love no longer waits.
It has moved on, looking for someone more committed.
Leaving broken promises, shattered dreams,
And dark smoldering moments in its wake.

And I, too late, awake from the sleep of fools
See Love close the door
With Living brushing through at the last minute
Like swirling bits of leaf
Not wanting to be left out in the cold.