Love cures

When the world is rife with chaos
And life seems onerous,
When brother slays brother in a
war neither of them know who started
or how it will ever end
we suffer lost dreams in the vacant
stare of the grandfather.

There are tears in the eyes of children,
Not for some lost toy, but for their childhood
and a chance at life.

Stop! Be mindful of joys we’ve known,
The lives we’ve liberated with a smile or a touch,
A comfort no words could ever mimic.

I swell with gratitude that only comes with peace.
Smell the earth and the trees, the grasses and the heat of the sun
Listen to the oceans beat against the beaches, and seagulls screech conversation
Awaken to the electrifying tingle of a lovers touch
or the soft coolness of a babys arm

The happiness that erupts from deep within burns away
all strife on its journey to another’s soul.



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